Thursday, November 11, 2010

thankful thursday


1. that Abigail can play all the songs in Suzuki violin book 1 well enough now that I can play with her!! It's incredibly fun. And she's putting on a solo recital this month playing all the songs that we are looking forward to.

2. that Isaac prayed last night that "all the kids will be good for mommy so she won't be stressed." Sweet boy.

3. that Elisabeth sometimes takes a nap with me

4. for the library
5. for sleep

6. for warm blankets
7. for blueberry herbal fruit tea
9. that bad days really do finally come to an end
8. and for finding a moment to go outside and take pictures of these pretty leaves on my flowering pear tree :)

And you??

1 comment:

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Today I am thankful for Mimi's Cafe coupons and a delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes.:)

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