Sunday, November 7, 2010

take a hike

Yesterday we all went on a hike up the hills by our house.

Samuel cried for about 30 min about the "wind" (here he is, crying to hold my hand, which I released for a sec so I could take some pictures).

But it was a beautiful day. The last nice weekend before the snow comes next week, apparently.

And the views were nice. We tried to give Abigail a little tutorial on using my camera. That was interesting. ;)

But look, there's our house! (directly down in front, framed by those 2 juniper trees)

And, of course I have to include another "experiment in editing." I thought this gnarled mass of dead tree (or whatever it is) looked pretty cool. :)

Fun stuff. :)


Mom B. said...

sounds like you had a fun, fun day. it was a beautiful day! did you say something about SNOW?????

Jennifer said...

I love family hikes in those hills. Let's not used the "s" word, this is a family blog.:)

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