Saturday, November 20, 2010

who wants to buy me a Christmas present?

This SodaStream thing looks pretty fun to me.
I like sparkling water a lot, especially mixed with juice. I don't know how cost-effective this thing really would be, but making your own sparkling water (and homemade soda) at home any time you want would be cool, I think.

So, you know. . . if you're looking to spend $100, more or less, on me this Christmas (haha), here is one idea for ya. ;)

(really, though, I'm just hardpressed for a blog post. NaBloPoMo is killing me this year. I'm just struggling with it. Struggling with wanting to blog at all lately, actually. Oh well. More later.)


Mom B. said...

Hum .... Make your own sparkling water and soda huh?That looks like a pretty cool gadget! What are the ingredients?

bonitinha said...

If you get someone to buy it for you then it will be totally cost effective! I'm also a big fan of sparkling water... how awesome to have it available fresh anytime you want it!

Colleen said...

Looks like fun!

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