Tuesday, November 2, 2010

refrigerator magnets? yes, indeed

Christina's question was what I thought about refrigerator magnets. And just to prove that no question is too big or small, I'm answering it! oh yes, I am. ;)

Actually, a few years ago we started collecting fridge magnets as souvenirs on vacation. I like doing it because they are pretty cheap, easy to pack, always visible once we're home (and bringing back fun memories) and functional, too!! Can't beat that.

Being a mom of 4 means there is always junk posted on my fridge and garage door (I intentionally rounded these up from their posts all over to pose together for the pic). So, magnets are a rather necessary evil, I guess. And I'm kind of a sucker for souvenirs.

So, anyway - I'd have to say my favorite magnet is the banana slug. It's just so . . . gross. (hahaha.) These slugs are found in the Redwood Forests of Northern California and they are huge. About 6 inches long (more or less). We saw many of them on our visit. And I've got a thing for snails, you know. So, I really like my life-size banana slug replica climbing up my fridge, thankyouverymuch.

What about you? Do have a collection of fridge magnets? Do you wish you did? Do you collect souvenirs of any kind? Aren't you jealous of mine?! haha.

Thanks for the question, Christina. Hope you have a very happy day staring at your magnets. :)


Amy said...

We also collect fridge magnets as souvenirs! We recently relocated our collection to the back of our front door. I love going to places and getting new magnets and I love seeing where we've been.

Christina G. said...

Ok, so you just made my day :-) And obviously I have a ton of fridge magnets. They started as the vacation souvenir bit as well. Always makes me happy to look and remember the wonderful places we have been.

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