Saturday, November 27, 2010

tangled and potter

Today Zac took the little kids to see Tangled

and I went with the big kids to see Potter.

I think we enjoyed both movies. We hardly ever see movies in the theater so this was a rare family treat, of sorts. Then on the way home we stopped to do the grocery shopping and a little Christmas shopping. I think Elisabeth crossed some sort of overload threshold and became a screaming terror at the local Walmart. An "associate" left her cashier post to bring her a sticker to try to calm her down in line. It worked for maybe a second.
I got home with a killer headache and a need to seek out some solitude with a couple advil. I woke up a couple minutes ago and realized I needed to blog something.
But I'm going back to bed now. The advil didn't quite do the trick on that headache. (The day was going rather well, though, until the meltdown from outerspace.)


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I enjoyed both movies and find myself thinking about Tangled and wishing I owned it right now. I want to see it again.

Jason Case said...

What did you think of the nude make out scene in Potter? I just want to get some people's opinions. I haven't seen it yet, and am thinking of not going because of this.

Kristen said...

basically what you see is Harry's shirtless back kissing Hermione with bare shoulders (so it looks like she could also be shirtless). It lasts for maybe 2 seconds and I really didn't think it was that big of a deal, esp in context (that the horcrux is presenting to Ron what his worst-case imagined scenario would look like). It definitely could have been left out, and it would have been undoubtedly better if they had.

But as it is, we knew what it was going into it and still decided to bring Abigail and Isaac and felt ok about it. I think most of the controversy was over whether or not it's appropriate for kids. But it is PG-13, after all. And that's a personal decision for parents.

Personally, I'm more disturbed by things like the Phantom of the Opera movie where the women have their breasts half hanging out of their dresses the ENTIRE movie. But that's just me. ;)

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