Thursday, January 9, 2014

A few of my favorite things: 2013

(my brain's all over the place so be prepared for some randomness)

This song has become one of my favorites that I discovered last year. It may be old news for you. I have no idea. But it was new for me last year. So here it is:

Sonny and the Sunsets: Too Young to Burn

I even choreographed a pretty awesome family home music video in my head through many many hours spent in bed,  that I thought I might make if I were healthy and super motivated as a Christmas card video to send out to family and friends and everyone would think it was soo awesome and cool, but obviously that wasn't happenin'.

So, just enjoy the song.
You're welcome.

(PS. Comments. I need them. Please?)


Christina G. said...

Cool song. Thanks for introducing me to something new today :-)

zac said...

Too bad:/

Ella said...

Ha ha. I think of lots of really creative things I should do in my head while on bed rest. One day, Kristen. One day.

Michael Cummings said...

Today you have given me a video with Santa and Martians. My day is more complete.

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