Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year: Facebook Frustration and Back to Blogging

Happy New Year my dear friends!
Now is a convenient time I suppose to come to this decision (just coincidentally), I'm coming back to my blog!
I had resorted to facebook for most easy updates and things. And then instagram too. But then I realized just the other day that not only does facebook use its obnoxious algorithms to decide what you see on your newsfeed but apparently it also does so on your very own timeline so things mysteriously disappear.  So I had a post where I listed in tedious detail all the restrictions in my current diet I'm doing for the migraine diet and food sensitivities from a blood test I had done (that some of you may not yet know about) and then someone else had later asked what all my restrictions were so I was looking for that post so I could copy and post the loooong list and lo and behold, I could not find the post anywhere! So frustrating. So now I wish I had it in my blog so I could find it again. Ugh. I thought things in my facebook were a relatively permanent record (and apparently they are... I guess? somewhere on the facebook servers? or something.... but that doesn't do me much good if I'm looking for something that I posted and I just can't find it again.)  So I can't rely on it as a mini blog after all.  (Haha, are some of you surprised to find out I was using facebook in this way? Oh don't be. You should know me better that that.) ;)

So, now we come to New Year's resolutions of sorts. What this comes down to is that I will be trying to blog more often. Obviously I can only rely on my trusty blogger (blogger don't let me down!). Perhaps this will mean there will be some overlap and downright copying from facebook into blogger from time to time as I try to make sure I have things recorded where I want them. But that's just the nature of the beast, I suppose. And by that I guess I mean, my nature. The nature of someone who needs things recorded. Especially with my chronic pain and all that crap, I feel the need to have things recorded and I feel that having is it somewhere public might be helpful to someone else going through something similar. I know I rely heavily on the support of knowing I am not alone.

And I will try more to get my Instagram photos on here too because I know I have friends who don't have smartphones and can't view them. But I don't like to clutter up my facebook feed with macro shots of weeds either. So! This is where it's at!! Once again, I will be dumping all my life here on my blog folks! Hopefully.:) Stay tuned. I will be trying my best!
(ps - comments are the best motivator! please leave comments! keep me blogging - keep the blog alive!)


Kamp Kyburz said...

I'm glad. I too am thinking of blogging more. Not sure how trustworthy Blogger is either, but I enjoy reading blogs and always wish that others would write more!

Anonymous said...

Sending you good vibes! -jen. Tried to send from my google account by it said I changed my password 5 months ago...and with fibro fog I totally dont know what it is so that is why it says anonymous

Julie said...

One of the coolest things my mother-in-law has done was send me an email where she had compiled pages of my FB posts. One's that meant the most to her.

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