Sunday, February 6, 2011

well that was fun: 2010 recap

(better late than never)

- had my big 35th Birthday flashback party

- started journal rereading project

- continued my (private) personal poetry compilation project

- my sister Melissa and her now-fiance Chris visited

- Zac finished one bedroom in the basement

- continued participating in our neighborhood bookclub

- continued blogging, all year long. of course

- went to family skate nights and rediscovered how much I love it

- Abigail got her first pointe shoes (thanks to a very generous friend) and we started cleaning the ballet studio to help out with her class tuition

- Samuel turned 6

- Isaac was the narrator in his class play of Charlotte's Web

- I had a great 2 day getaway with Zac's work conference in Logan

- we got to go to Disney on Ice for free with the tickets my mom won

- Abigail performed as Thing 4 in the school play

- we made use of our free Thanksgiving Point pass I won

- Elisabeth turned 4 and Isaac turned 9

- we walked in the March For Babies

- Abigail continued violin lessons

- she also sang in a regional Hope of America performance

- and she turned 11

- and we went on our family road trip to Indiana

- had a great family vacation in IN and visited lots of relatives on Zac's side of the family

- Abigail continued in ballet

- Zac ran his 17.5 mile mountain Wahsatch Steeplechase race

- we took the kids on a hike to Stewart Falls

- I did a lot of walking for exercise

- Zac and I got to go to Lagoon amusement park (for free!) as a "date"

- Elisabeth had a crazy overnight sleep apnea study done at the hospital and then had her tonsils and adenoids removed

- we made use of a summer pool pass

- had a fun family reunion with my mom's side of the family

- went on an incredible trip to Baltimore (and VA) with Zac's work conference

- Elisabeth started preschool

- Elisabeth and Isaac played soccer

- Zac ran his first 50 mile race in the Pony Express 50-Miler. And I "got" to be his support crew.

- I went with Elisabeth on her preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch

- I did National Blog Posting Month and posted every day for a month

- we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house

- we had a Christmas party/birthday party with Zac's nearby siblings

- Isaac continued piano lessons

- we visited The Treehouse Museum, children story museum

- and we celebrated New Year's with ice cream and homemade bread - wohoo!

- and I read over 100 books (final total coming soooooon . . . .)


So, all in all, a pretty great year I'd say. I've probably forgotten some stuff, but that covers most of the eventful moments I think.

One of the things that made this year fantastically different for me was the opportunity to go on a couple business trips with Zac. That has never happened before and it was really wonderful. I also rediscovered a lot of old music I used to listen to (due in part to my b-day bash flashbacking and journal rereading) and actually found a lot of newer music too. Having an ipod has made a huge difference to me in this endeavor and it has made me a much happier me in many ways. :)

I don't know - I can't always say that I have accomplished any huge things, not any big things noticeable to many other people at least. There have been many trippings and failings on my part this last year. There have been really rough spots. But I feel good about this coming 2011 right now. So that's a good thing.

(And maybe sometime I'll post about some of my goals and stuff for this coming year. Or maybe not. We'll see if I get around to it eventually). ;)


Mom B. said...

What fun reading about your activities in 2010. And I loved the pictures as always. You do neat things for your family.

bonitinha said...

Sounds like a really wonderful year! I agree about ipods... such a wonderful thing to have!!!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That sounds like a very eventful year. I have no idea what I did last year since I didn't blog or journal, which is so bad. I need to get back to it.

Colleen said...

Yep, sounds like a pretty great year!

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