Monday, March 21, 2011

Family - Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional

(All families are dysfunctional, right? yes of course, and ours is no exception)

Well over the weekend my sister Morgan and her son Sage were here visiting from CA and my brother and his wife and baby were down from ID, so we all had a Western States family get-together (missing my sister in VA).

It's not often that we are all together, (or mostly all together), so it was pretty fun. :)

Here's my mom with 4 of her 5 kids:

And here are all the little (and not so little) cousins on my side of the family:

Sister Heather with her long-term boyfriend Cameron (sorry I didn't catch Cameron in a very good moment - hehe):

Brother Devin with wife Liz and baby Miles:

Sister Morgan with son Sage:

Babies always provide endless free entertainment for the day.
Me and Abigail with baby Miles:
Liz and Miles:
Grandma holding Miles:
Miles wants cake:

And when we weren't playing with, cooing to, or taking pictures of the baby, the boys were all playing video games:

or we were all taking turns playing Just Dance on the wii:

Good times!!! :)
(oh and in case you were wondering, yes Zac was there with us, just somehow he avoided all my picture-taking, I'm not sure how. He can be pretty sneaky that way, I guess)

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