Thursday, March 24, 2011

latest obsessions

I'm not sure why anyone would even care, but I just thought I'd blog a little about a couple of my latest obsessions. I don't think I ever realized before how obsessive I can be about things. But apparently I can. So we'll just go with it for now.

1. Pinterest - I'm sure a lot of you already know about this, but it's my newest toy. So what is it? huh. well. The site says it's a "place to catalog the things you love." It's like a virtual bulletin board where you can pin up all the things that you find beautiful, inspiring, creative, delicious, funny, or whatever else floats your boat. The best thing is that you pin something from the site where you found it (or from other pinterest pins) and it links back to the place it was originally found. And you can create separate boards for different categories of things. So, for instance, I have a board for food and I can pin images of tasty treats that when clicked will bring me right back to the recipe where I found it. Yippee!! Or I can collect my quotes in one place! At last! Or just have dolphin pictures to look at to make me happy without cluttering up my walls (hehe). Or whatever. A lot of people collect ideas for home decorating and design, or clothes and fashion. It can be anything.

And the fun thing is you add friends and follow the boards that you like, so you can be inspired with new things and add to your collections. Fun! :) Or at any rate, I think it's fun. Wanna play too?? Send me an email and I can send you an invite.

2. Zumba. Oh yes. I'm becoming one of those. No, I don't wear fluorescent tank tops and hip hop gangsta pants. And no, my body doesn't exactly move quite like that. But. I do quite enjoy channeling my latent inner latina and flashbacking to my college days of social dance classes where I actually did compete in a cha-cha competition. Oh yes I did. I did not win, for the record. But I did make it to the second round, which felt like an accomplishment for an east coast white girl like myself (I also actually auditioned for the International Folk Dance Team one year. uh huh. But let's not talk about that). ;) Anyway - I like to dance, I'll admit, and my oh my Zumba is fun. The first time I probably burned more calories laughing at myself than from actually doing any of the moves. But laughing is good, too. And supposedly, doing zumba for an hr. burns an insane amount of calories (~ 1000, as opposed to the ~ 250 I burn in an hr of walking). And I love that I don't think when I'm doing it. Walking and running and doing exercise at home, I tend to ruminate on everything too much. But I just cannot think about anything else and attempt any of this stuff. And that's good for me.

The great thing is, I was introduced to a group that does some Zumba classes at our church for free. And now I'm addicted. I've got wacky zumba songs, in spanish, stuck in my head all the time and I count the days til I can go again. I can't even understand what they're saying, but I've taken to tracking down my favorites and actually buying some of these songs off of itunes. See? Obsessed. Me. Yes.

[One of the songs I couldn't resist is Chiquilla (which is in the youtube video I've linked to in the Zumba title. Go take a listen. Really. And have a dance party. Because I know you can't resist.)] :)

Got any new obsessions you'd like to share? Let's hear it.


Ashley Case said...

Yep. Zumba! I used to have so much fun doing Zumba before I hurt my hips (about a year and a half ago) and now that I'm feeling a little bit better I keep going to the classes even though I REALLY shouldn't be yet. The place here has 3 classes a day and you can attend any of them. Have you tried Hot Hula? I don't think it burns nearly as many calories, but I've always wanted to move like a Polynesian and now I have the chance to learn! :D And it doesn't hurt my hips nearly as bad as the Zumba. Don't feel bad being sucked in. Zumba really is fun, no matter what your dance background is.

heather b. said...

Hey! Zumba instructors donate a portion of their classes to nonprofits/schools all the time! How would you like to ask a few Zumba places around you to host a fundraiser for our team to benefit the babies?? (The ones that aren't free, of course.)

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