Sunday, March 6, 2011


Tonight Zac made an incredible no-sugar-added pie with apples, a pear, frozen blueberries, strawberries and peaches, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey with a handmade pie crust.
It was soooo tasty.

I'm just glad he likes to cook and is good at it. I can't say whether I'm "good" at it or not really - but pretty much the only thing I enjoy making is muffins. I really love muffins. So anyway. Zac has a thing for pies. And our whole family benefits as a result. ;)
Today is the last day of the HealthierMe challenge. I have successfully made it through and for that I am very happy!!
The best thing I have gained from it is just a better sense of self-control. That's always a good thing. I didn't lose much weight as a result, which was disappointing . . . but . . . wellll . . . yeah it was just disappointing. I'll just leave it at that. For now.
Other than that, I am just feeling rather grumpy lately. Zac and I were able to go on an actual "date" last night - a real-live "dinner and a movie"-date. And I think at first I was so grumpy he might have wished he had left me at home. Some good food and some nice quiet time in the movie theater helped a little (by the way, we saw The Adjustment Bureau which was surprisingly intriguing and thought-provoking - we'd recommend it). But besides that, I am mostly just unbearable right now. So steer clear (fair warning). haha.
It might all just be in my head, though. Sometimes I can't really tell. Sometimes I can barely stand myself.
But . . . anyway. Enough of that.
more later


The Mel B said...

The previews declared The Adjustment Bureau to be "more thought provoking than Inception" which I found an odd thing to say but I get what they're going for.

Congrats on making it through your challenge! I can't get myself to stop eating sweets. And pizza, pasta, burritos? You might as well tell me to eat cardboard for the rest of my life that's how interested I would be.

Mom B. said...

Pie looks yummy!! Does Zac want to bake one for me?? BTW Kristen, you didn't seem grumpy to me!

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