Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Samuel is Seven!

This past week Samuel celebrated his 7th birthday!!
Hip Hip Hooray! :)
He really wanted a fishing pole . . . so we gave him one sort of reluctantly, since uh, I think we've been fishing maybe twice in our entire married life. But. We also gave him a toy fishing pole along with it (from the dollar store) that he can play with in the tub.

Nothing like a big red ball to bring a smile to this boy's face.

And Grandma gave him a pair of roller skates. All the kids have been roller-skating a lot in the basement lately. He's been the only one without his own skates, so this has been perfect for him.

Here are some shots of the performance they put on after ice cream and cake. They all work together and choreograph all sorts of dances, solos and together. It's really great to see them do things together and it's so creative and fun. Love it! The downside is that it's hard to pull them away from it for things like meals, homework, chores, getting dressed. Little things like that. ;)

(and finally a shot of Elisabeth that was just too cute to leave out)

It was a great birthday celebration and we just love Samuel lots and lots. :)

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Mom B. said...

Love the pictures. Samuel looks so happy! It was a fun time!!!

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