Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the blog post that isn't really a blog post

oh, my dear blog . . .
I haven't forgotten about you. No.
It's just that lately you hang over my head, along with a whole host of other little annoying buzzy things poised there with an insistent tapping hammer reminding me of all the million things I need to do and don't, want to do and can't, intend to do and never get around to.
To keep the tapping noise to a minimum, I tend to block it all out in one big fell swoop and the casualties are many. Believe me.
It's not that I don't care.
It's not that I have nothing to say.
It's not that I am bored of blogging.

It is partly that Zac was out of town last week, leaving me with 4 sick kids and me sick myself, which threw all kinds of wrenches in my overall well-being and equilibrium. Then . . . ohh . . . I'm behind in just about everything I can think of and very swiftly sinking further behind by every second.
I guess you don't really need all the gruesome details. I know I get overdramatic and perhaps tend to wallow a little bit in my own swampy creations of overwhelmedness sometimes. So. Uh. I'll just stop there.
For now.
Thanks for still being here for me. Or something.
later . . .

1 comment:

Christina G. said...

If you only knew how long it was between my blog posts. You said it so well - hanging and tapping and casualties. So well stated and I'm in the same boat!

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