Friday, May 27, 2011

flying the friendly skies

(the sky this morning)

Well, tomorrow is the day. I am flying out to good ole VA (DC area) with my mom, my sister Heather, and niece Chelsea for my sister Melissa's wedding. We have a bunch of fun things planned to do (beach, DC Smithsonian's, Monticello, etc) - but mostly I just can't wait to soak in the beautiful green and get my fill of nostalgia for home.

Zac will be taking care of the kids while I'm gone and he's dealing with all the last week of school fun. I will miss their awards assembly, Abigail's 6th grade graduation, their running club school meet, a 5K city race that Isaac and Abigail are running, Abigail's ballet performance at the city carnival thing, and the excitement of the last days of school and first days of summer break! I'm trying to make up a list of all the places the kids need to be, what they're supposed to be wearing or bringing, and all the last minute paperwork school stuff etc that needs to be taken care of before school is out. Yikes.

Anyway, I better get back to packing and trying not to panic (have I forgotten anything?!). Just wanted to let you all know I'll be signing off for the next 10 days. Little to no Facebook, reading blogs, writing blogs, and very limited email-checking. That's the plan. ;)
See you when I get back!!

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Colleen said...

Hope you're having fun!

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