Sunday, May 22, 2011

watching the storm clouds gather

(just a few seconds later we were pounded with hail and lightning and thunder, for a few minutes. I sort of loved it.)

I love the rain. It energizes and invigorates me. I kind of love gray skies and gloomy days. Read into that as much as you would like. But I would take a muted, calm, rainy day anytime over bright, searing, scorching sun.

What about you? Which do you prefer and what do you think that says about you, if anything?

(ps- I have 5 days before I leave for VA for my sister's wedding, leaving the kids with my very able and competent loving husband. I am slightly stressed by all I have to do, want to do, and really should do before I leave (including a bunch of blog posts, of course). Anyway. Sometimes I hate how easily frazzled I seem to be. Then I wobble between annoyance and acceptance of what seems to be just part of my individual temperament. And that wobbly feeling is also slightly disturbing. ah, nevermind. For now, I'm happy about the rain. That will have to do.)


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I love rain, especially on days when I can take the time to read a book, watch a movie, take a nap, take a long bath or all of the above. I don't love it when I have to go grocery shopping, move furniture in and out of a truck, or drive on the freeway and it's raining so hard I can't see. I don't love super bright hot days. Too much sun is very draining for me. I do love a beautiful sunny spring day though or a crisp sunny autumn day. I love sun and rain and snow and wind, but all in moderation please and preferably mild.:)

Colleen said...

Yes, I love all kinds of weather too, excluding winter weather. Rain (preferably with some impressive thunder and lightning) and sun, as long as it isn't too hot or too cold I'm happy.

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