Sunday, December 4, 2011

Second Advent

Today for Advent we made homemade hot chocolate and coffee cake, sang some carols, watched (most of) a Christmas devotional, and some other Christmas videos and drew names for our annual family Secret Person exchange. This year we're just doing service and simple homemade gifts (if we can manage it) for our Secret Person - and just the kids are doing it for each other so Zac and I can concentrate our efforts on helping and making sure everyone is receiving some kind of service.;)

On some other notes, I keep finding more and more and more fun apps on my phone and I just want to talk about it all the time because I'm just so excited. I'm blown away by it all - seriously. So much fun, useful, helpful, educational, organizational and fantastical stuff!!! WOW!:) I need a weekly budget for all the apps I want to buy. And I'm getting nervous about the 8 gb capacity on my phone. haha. I think I'll be able to restrain myself. We'll see. I just might have to get selective at some point. That might be a good thing.

And this is the month of recitals and concerts and Christmas programs. Lots of kid updates in that regard coming your way!!:)

And I am finally getting into Christmas mode. Hooray! Shopping is just about done. Planning begun for Zac and my birthdays and our anniversary. I can listen to the Christmas music on the radio now and not immediately cringe and change it. I've almost reached 100 books read for the year (only 1 more!!!). Things are feeling good.

Also, did you know that Amazon music has a free holiday song every day for this month?? Quite exciting. Go check it out.:)

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