Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Embryo

- by Carol Lynn Pearson

Love is no eagle
Strong amid
The heights.
It is an egg -
A fertile,
Hold it warm
Within your wing,
Beneath your breast.

Perhaps in heaven
Love can live
But in this world,
Where mountains fall
and east winds blow,
Oh, careful -
Love is embryo.
(going into this new year, I am pondering the embryos I am nurturing in my life, where more care should be taken, what needs more nourishment, etc. I guess whenever I think of relationships and how much we need to care for and work for them, this poem comes to mind, so I thought I'd share. {I had to dig through some old High School papers to find my old copy of this - haha. It was just stuck in my head and I needed to look for it.}) Also, this quote I ran across the other day:

"Human beings are born into this little span of life of which the best thing is its friendship and intimacies, and soon their places will know them no more, and yet they leave their friendships and intimacies with no cultivation, to grow as they will by the roadside, expecting them to "keep" by force of inertia." - William James

What's on your mind this New Year's?

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Mom B. said...

Love the poem Kristen. I thought it sounded like Carolyn Pearson, then I noticed that it really was! I think you're doing a terrific job with the little embyos you are nurturing! You're a great mother!

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