Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Blogging Dead?

Just a little reminder for me at the beginning of this year, when I'm feeling so behind anyhow and I'm back to wondering how much my babbling little blog matters to anyone but myself. I have to even remind Zac to read it (hey did you read my new post yet? hm, hm? noo?). Ah, anyway.

Here we go:

Read this lovely post if you're wondering (as I sometimes am) why I'm still at it. ;) It articulates my feelings on the matter very nicely. And no, blogging is not dead. At least not on my blog. haha.

And, as you know, any comments of support and encouragement and compliments are always always appreciated. And craved. And needed.

Thanks a bunch, friends. I so appreciate your listening ears and willingness to read along.


Linda said...

I love reading your blog!

Colleen said...

I read every post, though I've gotten lazier about commenting. :)

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