Friday, January 20, 2012

the back side of the moon

Well, you know how when the astronauts orbit the moon in the movies, they start coming around the back side of the moon and they count down as they are about to lose communication with earth. And then the command central waits for the amount of time that the orbit should take until they come back into signal range and communication is restored.

I am orbiting around the back side of the moon.

For those that don't already know, I have temporarily deactivated my facebook account and most probably permanently deleted my twitter account (haven't decided yet). I am coming around onto the far side. Maybe just to see what it's like over there. Maybe just for some quiet. Maybe just to see if I can. Maybe because it is something I really need to do. My reasons are varied and deep and personal.

I have no doubt that I will come out on the other side and "reestablish communication." The signal will pick back up. I'll be back on Facebook. I'm not sure when though (to quote Eyeore, "days, weeks, months, who knows"). I need the time and space and distance to feel comfortable in my own silence again. I don't know how long that will take. And I deactivated it just to make it harder for myself to get back on (because I know I have no self-control) and I wanted it to be completely clear to anyone else trying to find me or get in touch with me that FB isn't going to work for awhile.

I am just hoping there are still people who read this blog without waiting for the posts on FB. I hope. But I guess it doesn't really matter. I will still be blogging . . . for whoever reads it.

So. No need to worry. I trust FB and everything I really do love about it (because I really do love it) will still be there when I come back. I just need to trust in my own ability to navigate this orbit without any feedback or FB news feeds.;) I need to learn to trust myself.

(And I know there is no need for me to feel like I should explain myself, really, but it felt like a big and drastic step to me, for whatever reason, so I wanted to offer at least something to those who may wonder why.)

ok, enough of that.

Keep in touch! Comments here, email, phone calls, old fashioned snail mail, iphone texting, knocks on my front door . . . there are still lots of ways to contact me, so no excuses!;)
Catch ya on the flip side FB friends!


Amy said...

I deactivated my FB for a weekend. I go back and forth about it. I feel that it encourages a passive approach to friendship, but on the other hand I feel out of the loop without it. What to do?

Mom B. said...

Love the analogy! You always have such a way with words! I still say that you should write a column for a newspaper or magazine. I kind of miss the old fashioned way of keeping in touch with people. You know, the phone calls and emails. I've become really bad about just finding out what's happening in people's life through FB instead of calling and chatting. I'll miss seeing your posts, but I'm glad I can still read your blog. Love you.

Michael Cummings said...

For what its worth, the only saving grace of FB for me has been in occasionally reconnecting with folks that I didn't even realize I would still get along with, let alone feel a strange, hey we turned out similar and my-kids-are-like-that-too kinship (I mean honestly - its been since 93 since I saw a lot of people, sad since I still live in Fredneck). Occasionally, I've even felt like I understood that person much better now.
For all my time behind a keyboard, my communication skills are still lacking. I completely understand (and even envy a tad) your decision, but don't be surprised if a few old schoolers show up in your blog comments occasionally :)

Colleen said...

I guess I should keep up on my Reader better, I tried to find you on FB the other day (now I don't remember what for) and wondered where you were!

Christina G. said...

I kind of like the dark side of the moon and have taken the same approach myself at times. I hope you enjoy some quiet and happiness on this side of things. And I know of at least one person that has always read your blog independant of facebook :-)

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Enjoy the break. FB definitely has it's pros and cons. It's fairly nice to take a break from it every once in a while. I've only ever read your blog through Reader, so I'll still be here.

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