Thursday, January 12, 2012

some extra special sibling love (Christmas, part one)

My family continues a tradition of drawing names for Christmas gift exchanges between siblings. Even though we are spread throughout the country (Washington, California, Idaho, Utah and Virginia) my mom draws the names, lets everyone know, wishlists are shared, gifts purchased and then shipped hither and yon where they are even sometimes received in time for the holiday! ;)

I had the extra special privilege of receiving a gift this year from my little sister Melissa. Extra Special, you see, because she hand knits these really cool handmuffs and sells them. She did a giveaway on her blog for one a few months ago, and of course I entered, but I didn't win. Boooo. But then, she gave me one for my sibling present! Yay!!:) I love it!!

She also included these other fun little presents, which I include in this little photo montage out of thoroughness and to express my appreciation and thanks to her publicly. Such fun.

So, go visit her very cool blog at Drop and Anchor and tell her I sent you. haha. And go to her etsy shop here to buy a cozy and adorable hand muff of your very own (she'll custom design one just for you if you want!).

Also, Zac's older sister (who is coincidentally also named Melissa) sent us a huge box of Tasty Kakes in celebration of our upcoming vacation to New Jersey this summer (where Zac grew up and where she still lives). Tasty Kakes are apparently only available on the East Coast - so this was to give us a taste (harhar, sorry couldn't resist) of all the sweet yummy goodness and fun to come! (Note: this trip is a really big deal because Zac has not been "home" to NJ for . . . uhhh maybe 10 yrs? And some of our kids have never even met their NJ cousins. And nearly all of Zac's family will be together for the first time in many many years. Anyway, it's been a long time in the planning. We are very excited!)

So, that was some of our Christmastime extended sibling love. More to come . . .


Colleen said...

We used to trade gifts as siblings, but for the past couple of years it's evolved to just the kids trading. Boo! Fun gifts!

Jane said...

I'm do glad you got one! I'm sorry i won the other one from you!!!

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