Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spa Day

(Catching up: December 13 2011)

My little sister Heather came down from Tacoma, Washington for a visit earlier in December and on Tues we planned a girl's day out to The Cliff Spa at Snowbird Ski Resort. We had actually given my mom a handwritten group "gift certificate" to go up there for a day for Christmas last year, or the year before (?) but we had never done it, so this was a long overdue plan. We really wanted to make it work out.Scheduling babysitters and coordinating schedules of my kids' comings and goings made it tricky - and then it started snowing, which was making me nervous (I don't like driving up the canyons much, and I really don't like driving in snow - put the two together and I usually just don't drive). But I made it! Hooray!

Here are my niece Chelsea, sister Heather (not Chelsea's mom), and my mom. All robed up and cozy.

They had a hot tub and a heated pool outside in this courtyard area. So, of course we tried it out.
Despite the icy wind and snow on the ground.

The hot tub was pretty nice.

The pool was . . . really cold (surprise!). Hahaha.

Anyway, back inside we then spent a lot of time relaxing in the "solarium," drinking herbal tea and listening to calming music, with this beautiful view of the mountain outside.

And we could watch the skiiers, too (see those specks?).

And here's me, trying my best to look contemplative and relaxed. ;)

We also tried out the eucalyptus steam room. yummy.

And my sister gave me these awesome reading bookmarks with spaces to take notes, just because she loves me and knows just what I love. :)

Last photos outside:

And a last look at the spa:

And then, if you look underneath the setting sun in that photo you can kind of see a dark wall of clouds settling in between the mountains. Yeah. That was the dense fog that we drove into all the way down the canyon. I could only see about 10 ft in front of me at any one time and it was sort of freaking me out, as I wound my way down the mountain. Thank goodness I was already feeling calm from our lovely day or I might have had a (more) major panic attack. But I made it safely (if slowly) and got home in time to take Abigail where she needed to be that evening, so it all worked out.

All in all, it was a refreshing and wonderful time and I'm glad I got to share it with some of the beautiful women of my family. :)


heather b. said...

Ah, makes me feel relaxed again just looking at these. Thanks for braving the roads and coming with us! It was such a lovely day :)

Colleen said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could hang out with both of my sisters much, much more often.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...


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