Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthdays and Anniversaries

(more December catch-up - with my birthday thrown in for good measure)

As if December isn't busy enough with all the holiday stuff going on, we also have Zac's birthday to celebrate:

And our wedding anniversary (say what you will about the insanity about getting married during the holidays, it was a beautiful time to get married. And it was either December or May. And there was no way we were waiting til May, people.) :)

(our traditional celebratory non-alcoholic sparkling juice, since we don't drink alcohol. Blueberry grape was a tasty new treat.)

And, well, you know how there are traditional gift themes for each anniversary, right? Like the first year is paper or something . . . I don't know what they all are. But just for fun, to do something different this year in the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, I thought it'd be fun to exchange sort of gag gifts related to 14 yr Anniversary theme. Turns out the theme is Ivory. Hm. So.

What you see above is an elephant soap dish that Zac discovered (elephant = ivory - get it?). And all that kept coming to my mind is this quote I've kept seeing on Pinterest:

Hahaha, I almost printed it out to give to Zac, but . . . didn't (I still think it's funny though). And we went out to dinner, too, which was nice, but the restaurant was crazy busy. Oh well.

And here is our new annual Christmas ornament in honor of our hot air balloon ride that was technically a gift for last year's anniversary:

And then . . . after we get through all of that (Zac's bday, anniversary, Christmas, and New Year's), then comes my birthday (as you already know)!

So here are some pics from my birthday, just thrown in for fun.

(what?! You know, just tweeting a pic real quick while everyone waits for me to blow out the candles. Hahaha.)

Perhaps one of my favorite gifts: ;)

And there you have it. More celebrating at our house than you can even imagine! Sort of.

(PS - I was sick in bed on New Year's Eve. Which means Zac was in charge of all of the celebrating. This means all 4 kids stayed up until midnight (yikes) and they all had a really great time with Dad (of course). But no pictures. So no blog post. haha. Oh well.)
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