Monday, December 12, 2011

Third Advent (and weekend fun)

My sister Heather came for a little visit from Tacoma, Washington. She is staying with my mom until Tues so we tried to spend some time with her over the weekend. First up, The Muppet Movie (with all of us, Heather, Chelsea and mom).

I thought it was simply hilarious. The kids liked it too.

Chelsea and Heather:)

Then we went to see the Lights at Temple Square (pictured: the Salt Lake City Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Mom and Lowell, Chelsea, Heather and our family all went.

I was trying to figure out my iphone camera, not always succesfully. But there's a blurry shot of Chelsea, me and Heather.

And a cute picture of my girls with Aunt Heather.

Lights! Besides Samuel being bound and determined to get himself lost in the crazy crowds, and causing everyone quite a bit of stress and frustration, it was pretty fun.

And then Heather and mom came over on Sunday to join us for dinner and our Advent fun.

Samuel had a photo heyday with Heather's camera. He is quite the fledgling photographer, that boy.

And we played Apples to Apples Jr and a very cool Truth or Dare card game that I bought for myself for Christmas last year.

And lots of fun photo ops. :)

(ps - have I mentioned how much fun I am having with my iphone? all these fun edits on an app called Camera+. yay! And don't even try to tell me I'm just getting carried away . . . because I won't hear you.) ;)

Anyway - loved having a chance to visit with my littlest sister. This is the first time she has lived out of state so we miss having her around. Hoping to see her again tomorrow before she hops on plane in the evening!

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Colleen said...

Love Elisabeth's (is that the right alias?) haircut! So cute! I bet you're having a blast with your iPhone's camera. Just don't forget about your real camera, I was bummed to check Flickr the other day and find that most of my friends haven't taken an actual photo with an actual camera in months. Boo. :(

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