Monday, February 13, 2012

February Photo-A-Day #2

Day 6: Dinner
Day 7: Button. Sometimes I could use this one.

Day 8: Sun. Me standing in the little sun coming in the window.

Day 9: Front Door

Day 10: self portrait

Day 11: Makes me happy. A pile of new library books to read.

Day 12: In my Closet. Binder full of letters from Zac in Spain 94-96. (This is looking up at the spine of the binder in my closet. Apparently, it can be confusing. But oh well.)

Day 13: Blue. "Blue skies are coming . . . but I know that it's hard." - Noah and the Whale

1 comment:

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

You have such a beautiful profile. I've always disliked my profile... weak chin, under bite and pointy nose, ick. You are lucky.

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