Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas preview

Here's what Christmastime is looking like at our house so far:

Those are ice ornaments hanging on our back porch swing. They were kind of fun - but much harder to remove from the cookie cutters than I would have thought.

Anyway - I will probably mostly stick to posting just pictures and quick summaries of our activities this week. I am going to try not to think too much for the next week or so. What a relief! :)
(Some things I still need to post:
- Isaac's piano recital
- School Inspirations contest
- Abigail's ballet showcase)
And be looking forward to my end of the year Reading Round-Up!!
(PS - yesterday Elisabeth opened a Christmas present - the only one of hers under the tree. And, as it turns out, it'll be the LAST present of hers that will make it under the tree before Christmas morning. Little stinker.)
Hope you all have a wonderful week and a terrific Christmas (or whatever other holiday you may choose to celebrate this time of year).
And happy Winter Solstice! From here on out, winter is making a slow, slow retreat and the sunny days are making an equally slow return. Winter mostly feels impossibly long to me. But welcoming the return of days that are longer than the night is worth celebrating for today!
see ya . . .

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love those ice ornaments. That is such a good idea.

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