Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying to Win a Giveaway!

MormonMommyBlogs is hosting a holiday giveaway and they are giving away a year's membership to Thanksgiving Point! We had a membership last year and loved it but we're afraid we won't be able to afford it again this year.
So this would be perfect if I could win a membership! Another year of the Dinosaur Museum, Children's Garden, Farm Country, and the Gardens . . . sigh . . . it would be wonderful.

Anyhow, to get an extra entry in the giveaway I needed to post it on my blog.

So here we are.

MormonMommyBlogs Thanksgiving Point Giveaway

(I've entered several giveaways before and have never won anything! I'm really hoping this might be my first. It's worth a shot!) :)
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