Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Pictures: Sunny Days!

We had a couple nice sunny days last week and Samuel and Elisabeth were more than eager to get outside and play with sidewalk chalk. I have mixed feelings about sidewalk chalk in general. But at this point of the late winter blahs, we will do whatever we can to get out of the house for even a few minutes.

This is a little person Samuel drew:

We played with our shadows:

And colored some more:

And this is a pic Samuel drew of himself and his siblings:
So cute (and they're all holding hands)!!

It also occured to me that we are entering new phases of parenting in several areas:
1. We have finally retired all of the kitchen booster seats! We can sit wherever we want! Amazing.
2. We are almost to the point where we can get everyone ready for bed and put them in bed, and (after many kisses, hugs, etc etc etc) they all stay there and sleep all night! How I have prayed and waited ever so impatiently for this day. I cannot even tell you how momentous this is. Really.
3. And we are at a point where I can pretty much understand (more or less) what each of my kids are saying when they speak! Now that, my dear friends, is a milestone not to be taken for granted. WOW.
Anyway, there might be more but that's all I can think of right now. My kids are getting big! It is so hard to believe in a lot of ways. But it is so much of a relief to me in many ways, too. :)
So there are some happy things today. I am still trying to keep myself looking up. Some times I am more successful than others. But thanks for helping me along by leaving comments, or otherwise showing your understanding and patience. Perhaps you don't even know you're doing it. But if you are caring enough to follow along my little blog, then you are, indeed. :)


The Mel B said...

His little people are so adorable! Did you know there are companies that will make jewelry, keychains, and even stuffed animals from kids' drawings? I have seen some very cute ones and those little people would work perfectly! :)

girlysmack said...

Well, it's funny that you said that about people commenting, because I have been wanting to comment for a while now on an older post of yours! You put one of my favorite poems on there, by Mary Oliver, and you talked about the struggle to have a blog and deal with weightier less-blogworthy feelings and situations... I am not paraphrasing well. But I am sure you know which post I mean.

Anyway. This is something I struggle with, too. I have periods where I feel very blue in general or upset over something (or someone!) very specific and my blog is just not the proper outlet. I wish I had words of wisdom on how to cope with that. My "solution" is usually a hiatus from blogging, because I wind up feeling phony writing about things other than whatever is weighing so heavily on me at the time!


I do love poetry. Especially Mary Oliver. I think I have posted the Wild Geese poem. Maybe that is what I should do, rather than taking a break from blogging. Maybe I should just post poems that reflect my troubled thoughts. And then at least you could read between the lines and leave an encouraging comment! ;)

Hang in there. I have no idea what is weighing on you, but I hope it goes away! :)

Mom B. said...

I LOVE the sibling picture!!! Tell Samuel he did a great job! Wouldn't that be neat to have a necklace made from it. I love the idea! Mel should give us more detail. Glad you took pictures! Love ya.

Colleen said...

Love the sidewalk art, it definitely made me smile when I saw it this morning.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with the kitchen booster thing. So great to be able to sit anywhere. When the last booster left I immediately moved messy Dylan to the other side of the table and let him sit next to Kenneth for a change. So nice.

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