Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Pictures: Science Fair!

Abigail and her best friend worked together on a science fair project this year.

They changed their topic a couple times and kept running into large and small obstacles.

But - once they worked out all those minor details, they did a great job together and ended up winning a school honorable mention!! Yippee! They even got medals with their names on them, which was pretty fun. :)

(their topic was whether weight would affect how fast a sled went down a hill)

So that made both of them very happy last week - and it makes me happy to see my kids happy, so that is my happy thought of the day. So proud of Abigail for all her hard work, and for how much she values her friendships, too. I'm not sure a lesser friendship would have survived the ups and downs of this project. Hahaha. :)


Jennifer said...

Wow, very impressive. Congrats to them.

Mom B. said...

Give Abigail my congratulations and a big hug!! That's way cool!!!

bonitinha said...

Oooh, I love science fairs! Well, I loved them when I was in school. I may be singing a different tune when my kids have their turns. Big congrats to Abigail and her partner! Hooray for them!!! So what did they find out? Does weight affect sled speed?

Kristen said...

"Their" conclusion was that the results skipped around too much to say conclusively that weight affects speed. So they decided it doesn't.

They also mentioned what they ate for lunch during the experiment. Such silly girls. :)

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