Thursday, July 22, 2010

random thoughts for today

1. Before we left for vacation we got an HOA violation notice for our "landscape maintenance" (ie. weeds in our flowerbeds). So when we got back we spent no less than 4 hrs doing yardwork. Called the HOA and told them we had taken care of the problem. They called a week later and said it still wasn't fixed. Huh? So we pulled some more little weeds, thinking this was getting ridiculous, called them back again. We heard back again with them claiming the problem still wasn't fixed. At which point I kind of lost it and exclaimed that I really had no idea what else could be done and if there was still a problem they needed to come show it to me personally, because this was really and truly ridiculous.

We finally got a call about a week later saying that it was resolved. They had been looking at the wrong house.

2. A couple weeks ago Zac announced to me that, although we can each appreciate each other's taste in music, we'd probably never really like the same things. And, you know, after 12 1/2 yrs of marriage, I think I can finally accept this. I just laughed. We do both like The Beatles (among some others) - and that is more than enough common ground for anyone. Don't you think? ;)

3. Our dishwasher broke about a month ago. And although there is something sensual and soothing about washing dishes with hands immersed in warm sudsy water, both Zac and I are very excited about our new dishwasher which will be delivered tomorrow!! It's also a quiet model. Which, after 8 yrs of not being able to watch TV with the dishwasher running, is quite exciting.

4. And speaking of other things which have broken, my laptop DC power input jack broke on Mon. This was very very sad. Luckily I found someone who could fix it for about $60. But this, combined with the dishwasher and the smaller replacements of our bathroom scale, blender and kitchen faucet, is making me feel like things are falling apart left and right.
It's also making for a rather expensive month.

5. Oh yes, and speaking of expenses, I suppose I should update you on Elisabeth's surgery. She seems to be doing well. Her post-op follow-up visit is tomorrow. But her tonsillectomy site started bleeding on Sunday after she threw a pretty big tantrum over something. It made me nervous because when I had my tonsils out (at 14) and started bleeding a few weeks later, I filled up a Big Gulp cup with blood on the way to the Emergency Room to get it cauterized. It was really yucky. Hers stopped pretty quickly, thank goodness. And we went back to movies in bed and sucking on ice chips and that seemed to help. She's been waking up every night screaming because her throat hurts and has been pretty grumpy. So I am really looking forward to her complete recovery.

6. Actual conversation just now:

kids: we're playing a game teaching the kids to dance

me: that's great but I really want you to get your chores done first

Isaac (groaning): you say that every day!

me: I know I do. And someday, you know what would be really great? If you guys woke up and did all your chores, and maybe even something extra, without me having to even remind you.


Abigail: well, that's most likely never going to happen.


And that is our summer at this point.

(Although I am making lemon bread for breakfast. And that. is. awesome.) :)


Colleen said...

Wow, the Big Gulp cup full of blood was a little TMI for a pregnant girl in the morning. ;)

Congrats on your new dishwasher! I've been secretly hoping ours would die for awhile now. It's a piece of junk, but better than doing them by hand.

Awesome conversation with your kids, and hope E is feeling better soon.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Ditto on the cup of blood's nausea inducing effect on pregnant women--and I work in a lab surrounded by the stuff. LOL I was actually calculating how much blood loss that would really be . . .anyway I just wanted to roll my eyes at the HOA with you--seriously? They owe you 4 hours of weeding at your house, for heaven's sake, the wrong house?!?

Jennifer said...

Yay, for the HOA. We are also having fun with them right now, as they seem to want to find something wrong with everyone at the moment.

Sorry about the expenses, but it is nice to have new things as well.

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