Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Drive: Going West

One of the incredible things about where we live is that we are right on the edge of nothing. A 30 min. drive West brings us out into the desert and sagebrush and really not much else. I have to admit that, although I prefer being in the midst of forests and trees, it is a unique feeling to be so alone out surrounded by just so much space. It's kind of amazing.

we spotted an antelope

and a train that seemed to be stopped blocking the road, but eventually chugged slowly away (we all got out of the car to watch - from a safe distance)

we were actually looking for this Pony Express Trail Monument out in Faust, UT, close to where Zac will begin his 50 mile race come Oct.

and then the sun began to set

a view of some of the only occupants in this area as we found a place to turn around

heading eastbound back to our house, somewhere way over there

and glancing back westward to this gorgeous sunset

It was a nice Sunday evening drive. :)

1 comment:

Colleen said...

We do have one thing over the East, and it's those gorgeous sunsets that you can see for miles.

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