Wednesday, July 14, 2010

super trooper

Yesterday Elisabeth had her surgery of getting her tonsils and adenoids removed for her sleep apnea. She was quite a trooper. Here she is in the waiting room, excited about her new Barbie and all the stickers the nurse gave her:

They gave her a quilt to take to surgery and then take home:

And a hospital buddy that she got to decorate and then the doll got matching bandages with hers (for the IV etc):

Thankfully, they put her to sleep before poking her and putting IV's or anything in. The anesthesiologist was "mildly concerned" about her heart defect (you may recall she was born with pulmonary valve stenosis) but it didn't cause any difficulty. So everything went pretty well.

And here she is post-op dripping popsicle down her face:

She didn't even cry when she woke up! And her oxygen levels were good so she was able to go home after a couple hrs. She only cried on the way home when we stopped to get some food and Zac and I got hamburgers and she couldn't have one. She got a shake - but that's not what she wanted, I guess. Anyway - we won't be able to tell if this has solved her apnea problems for a couple weeks, after the swelling has gone down and everything healed up. And then we will evaluate how we think she's doing and determine whether or not she needs to repeat the sleep study.
I did finally get a copy of her sleep study report and she did have episodes of both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. So we'll see.
Anyway she just woke up crying again and wanting to be held, so I've gotta go . . . wish us luck.


Mom B. said...

What a trooper is right!! That's so cute that they gave her a quilt and a little doll. Hope recovery goes well and she's soon back to normal. Give her a hug from me.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad she is doing well. This surgery really changed my nieces life. Once she was sleeping better she was able to focus and she was not as whiny.

Colleen said...

I'm so glad her surgery went well and that she was so great about it! I hope it fixes her sleep problems so it will all be worth it!

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