Sunday, September 26, 2010

guess who else is allergic to cats?!

well, so Elisabeth was at a friend's house being babysat on Thurs and she loooooved their cat. Loved and squeezed and snuggled and hugged, apparently. And this is how she looked a couple hours later, even after Benadryl dosing.
So. It becomes more and more apparent that we will never - ever - have cats. Obviously. Isaac reacted this same way once when he was littler. And I start to wheeze and itch pretty quickly from them as well.
Anyway, Elisabeth's eye seems to have morphed into what might be pink eye, I guess, since it's started having some discharge. And she cried all morning today that her ears were hurting too so, who knows.
Samuel's ENT called on Fri and they switched him to a stronger antibiotic for his yucky draining ear infection (they had cultured the drainage and said the bacteria he has needs it). So, the 10 days of antibiotic course starts all over! Fun!
And today was our annual church Primary program where the kids age 3-11 sing the songs they've learned this year and give little talks and presentations. It was so sweet. This would have actually been the first and last time that all 4 kids would have been in the program together - but Elisabeth was home sick, so they weren't all there. Oh well!
I will say though, that today I felt remarkably blessed for being in the Primary teaching those little kids (I teach a class of 5-6 yr olds). I have to admit, I don't always love it. I miss being around grown-ups, frankly. I feel lonely and left out and sometimes stressed by preparing these lessons (although I only teach every other week and the kids are very good and patient and forgiving. I'm just easily stressed). But today, I felt grateful - really and truly. And I felt surprised and thankful that I felt thankful. I felt such an outpouring of love and appreciation for these precious little ones (including my own). It was so good to feel that.
And that's my news for the day.
(my laptop seems to finally be cooperating again, miraculously. Hooray!! so maybe I will have some more interesting posts coming soon . . . or not . . . ) :)

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Colleen said...

Poor kiddo. Has she ever had trouble after being at my house? It's probably lucky for her that my cats run at the sight of children!

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