Thursday, September 9, 2010

this one

this girl

these eyes

those eyelashes

I tell ya,
sometimes I just don't know what to do with her
she and I spend more of our days together now that the big kids are all at school all day
somedays, this is a really good thing
somedays, ohh . . . somedays are just not so good for the 2 of us

sometimes I'm just not sure how the 2 of us will survive each other
this girl
these eyes
those eyelashes . . . .
boy oh boy.


Mom B. said...

Yes, those big beautiful eyes. They say so much, don't they? Love the pictures. as usual.

heather b. said...

May I eat her for dinner?


Jennifer said...

Good luck with that cuteness.

Colleen said...

"What big eyes you have!" I couldn't help but think of that Little Red Riding Hood quote. She is a cute little stinker, that one. :)

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