Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Rules

I think I've hit my facebook status update quota for today (as in, more than 2 - haha), so I'm posting this here today. I can never decide what to put here or there anyway. But anyway.

Tonight at Elisabeth's soccer game, her coach emphasized 3 important rules to her and her little friends:

1. Keep your eye on the ball.
2. No holding hands.
3. No hugging on the field.

Awesome. ;)

(I have pictures to post, too, but my laptop is still freezing every time I use it and the camera software is on it. And the computers are making me absolutely insane!! arrrggggh.)

(PS - I guess my posts have been kinda lame lately, but please leave me some comments anyway, ok? Anything at all. Because comments make me oh so happy. ok, thanks.) :)


heather b. said...

Hello! Kiddie soccer is so cute! I hear you've got sick ones at home so I am sending everyone get well wishes.

Mom B. said...

Those rules could only apply to those little girls!! At first I thought the three rules would be 1. keep your eyes on the ball 2. keep your eyes on the ball and 3. keep your eyes on the ball. I forgot about the holding hands and hugging!! Those coaches have got to have loads of patience!!

Jennifer said...

I can totally see that cute girl doing those things.

I forgot to tell you that she fell asleep in the car, woke up when we got back, but pretended to be asleep so that I would carry her into the house. It was totally sweet.

The Mel B said...

Oh so sweet that those rules are necessary!

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