Thursday, January 28, 2010

not much to say

Well, for some reason, I can't seem to organize my thoughts enough to write anything significant, so here are some photos of a sledding excursion we did over Christmas break to tide you over. Nobody even asks to go out and play in the snow anymore. We're all pretty much done with it all.
But anyway -
some other random things going on recently:
- I've been typing up more poems. Up to 225 now, and still many many more still to go.
- Zac has been working on the finishing the bedroom in the basement, at long last. It's pretty much the neverending project (has it been 3 years since we started? I've lost count).
- I've been pondering what to do with Samuel's school placement for next year. Talked to his teacher and left feeling confused as usual.
- My sister and her boyfriend were here visiting from VA. They came over for the circus show that we call "life at our house" one day. :)
That's about it, I think, other than all the normal mundane things like tantrums, messes, meals, homework, activities etc.
Happy Thursday.

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