Thursday, January 21, 2010

yet another reason to love my journals endlessly

There was this book I read long ago. A book called Lost. And I had written the title down on a list of books I'd read at one point, but no author. And as I became obssessed with Goodreads and keeping track and tracking down all the books I've read and loved, I kept trying to find this particular book. But with no author and a simple common word as a title, I could not find it anywhere. It was sort of driving me crazy (as any unresolved question or quest usually does).

Until today. I was flipping through an old high school journal and glimpsing pieces of "oh how glad I was that this boy called" and "I can't wait to go to this dance" and so on and so on and then . . . I just happened to mention this book I was reading. Lost, by Gary Devon. Hallelujah to my teenage self for writing that down!! YIPPEE!!

So now I can buy it with my swagbucks giftcards and read it again! I can't wait to see if it's worth all the wondering I've done about it. Just. Can't. Wait.

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