Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dear Winter,
It's been nice to have you over to visit for awhile. We've enjoyed some sledding, hot chocolate, warm cozy movie nights, and books snuggled in bed. I have appreciated your sparkling snow and glistening ice. I have liked bundling up in my sweaters and thick wool socks. We've had a pretty good time, all in all, you and I.
But now. I think I've had enough. You see, I am tired. Tired of shoveling my driveway and slipping down the street. Tired of wet gloves and snowpants on my floor. Tired of staying inside all day every day and having the kids bouncing off the walls.
These past 3 months of cold and ice and snow have been quite sufficient, thank you. I just don't know if I can stand you hanging around for another 2 months or so, really.
So. You can go now.
Pretty Please.
Yours Truly,


Colleen said...


Love the photos. I was admiring how pretty the snow looked on the trees this morning.

Linda said...

Yesterday it was 65 degrees in Virginia. Love the warm, but do miss the long as it doesn't stay tooooo long!

bonitinha said...

Amen Kristen!

Travelin'Oma said...

We used to live on the mountainside and our snow was deep and beautiful and tiring. Now we live downtown and our snow is minimal, dirty and cinchy. I like the look of winter, but not the work!

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