Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flashback Party!!

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for! Pictures of the 1990's party!

Some of the more ambitious folks came dressed up, which was awesome. I think we may have spanned the 80's and 90's (and beyond) in our dress choices - but it was all terrific. And actually the party theme was more of a "Kristen's Teenage Years" flashback - so late 80's into early 90's was perfect.
(And, I suppose I should also clarify, just in case anyone was wondering: We are a 100% stone-cold sober group of fairly conservative mostly stay-at-home moms. So although we may think things got a little wild and crazy, they weren't really that crazy. Whether that clarification is a relief or a disappointment to you depends, I guess, on your own perspective. At any rate, there it is.) :)

(a couple people came later and missed this group shot, unfortunately)

We started off with a "Name that Tune" game, taken off my 80's and 90's ipod playlist. And my friend Julie M. won that hands down! She may have been the only person there that even halfway recognized some of the tunes that came up in my randomized list of songs. But it only proves that she and I had excellent taste. Of course. :)

We ate lots and lots of yummy food and then . . . the highlight of the evening . . . dancing in the unfinished basement! (I told you I was intent on acting the part of a teenager) Anybody recognize this set of fancy shmancy moves??

Oh yeah - that's the Electric Slide, all right. We didn't actually have that song - but these ladies were quite impressive, nonetheless. I can't disclose all the various dance moves that came out through the course of the night (circle of trust!) but we did see some sides of some of our neighbors that we truly never suspected!!! It was soooo much fun. I honestly haven't had such fun dancing around since I was probably a teenager. And, admittedly, although we were all sober, some of these girls were consuming a bit more caffeine than usual, I think.
And then a few of us stayed up even later and shared silly stories. I laughed so hard I think I probably had spittle drooling out of my mouth, couldn't even breathe.
My only regrets:
1. Why did I wear such a retarded outfit?! I am in desperate need of some new clothes. (see, I'm not that much more mature than a teenager after all) And why do I look like such a retard in all the pictures?!?
and 2. It's just too bad not everyone enjoyed my taste in music as much as I do - and we didn't get through even a fraction of my oh-so-awesome playlist (granted, the playlist was something like 5 hrs long. I got a little carried away. hahaha).

Anyway - for those who might like to take a virtual stroll down musical memory lane, here are some of the fantastic tunes we enjoyed as part of the party, either groups or title names (or were on my list but we didn't get to it):
New Order
Come On Eileen
Dancing by Myself
The Housemartins
Depeche Mode
I am Superman
Funkytown (!!!)
One Thing Leads to Another
You Spin me Right Round
and many more
Most of this stuff I haven't really heard for many many years. But it was great fun to listen to it again!! In fact, I've been compiling this playlist over the last few months or so and just loving finding more and more of these musical memories. Zac laughs at me, frequently, over how excited I get over finding old songs I had forgotten about. But it is so fun to me. I had to share.
I also dug out this big box of old journals, trying to gear myself up thoroughly for the flashback experience. I've skimmed through a few of them and found some good times that made me smile, a few traumatic moments I had forgotten about, but mostly just so glad to have this very detailed record of my "formative years." I have a sort of latent goal to someday reread all of it in order. It's sort of masochistic to put myself through all that all over again and relive it through my journals - but in some ways I hope to be able to put it all in perspective at last. Let go of my particular glimpses that have stuck in my memories and be able to see "the bigger picture" in some ways. Anyway - someday I'm going to do that. And I do have some other thoughts about journals that I'll try to make sense of and blog about another time.

Anyway - I think this sums everything up fairly nicely.
Now that I have sufficiently celebrated my "old age" and had a great time living in the past for a bit, now I need to come back to reality and pay attention to my real life again. It was a super fun party. And I'm all caught up.
Moving forward . . . :)


Jen Morrison said...

oh my gosh your party was so fun! You really never suspected that about me? I'm so happy to change impressions and can blame the Tab. :-) It was a blast thank you so much for having the party! And I cannot even believe you have that many journals. That is totally incredible! I have zero from my teenage years a few pages written in 8 year old handwriting and less than 20 for all my adult years. Thanks for being a good example!

Jen Morrison said...

p.s. you looked totally fine and the pictures are good. I, on the other hand, was trying to wear all black and a flannel shirt like I often wore in high school. But my shirt's so old it's way faded and too much dancing to keep the flannel and trench coat on so yeah it didn't work. Oh well, I had a blast!

Kristen said...

I think I'm up to 56 journals now. Mostly teenaged ranting. Nothing of any real "worth." :)

Kristen said...

And now you should all see why no one should be surprised that I blog so much. Really, I just can't help it. :)

Kristen said...

PS - Jen you looked great! And bonus points to you for dressing up!

Colleen said...

Great party! Sorry my efforts at dressing up were so lame, I didn't think about it until Burg called me a few minutes beforehand. Ah well. Next time. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm sure I would have recognized most of your music, but I am horrible with the names of songs and artists. Oh well. You guys are so cute and don't fool yourself you guys were pretty wild and crazy. I'm sure if you had video recorded it that you could have sent it to AFV.

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