Sunday, January 3, 2010

getting big

For those that may not be familiar with Primary, the children's organization in our church, kids start going to Nursery when they turn 18 mos. old, where they play with toys, sing kids songs, and learn short lessons for the 2 hr block when the other classes are being held for the older children and adults. The January after they turn 3, they join the Junior Primary in the Sunbeam class, where they have group singing time and sharing time (more active participation) for an hr. and then individual class time for the next hr.

So, with Elisabeth now being 3, today was her first day in the Sunbeam class. She went to class happily, glancing back to wave to Samuel sitting with the kids his age in his class, and then came home and announced to me that she was a "big kid" now. I suppose she really is. It is hard for me to see sometimes, because she is still the "baby." Sometimes I am really surprised at how big she is getting.

On Friday, when my mom babysat the kids for us, she asked Elisabeth if she was going to go to Primary this Sunday. Elisabeth replied, "yes, I going to be a Sunbeam." And then she paused and asked, "does that mean I not be [Elisabeth] anymore?!"
silly silly. :)
At least we can always know that no matter how big she gets, she will always be our little Elisabeth. At least that never changes.

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Jennifer said...

The new little Sunbeams were so darn cute today. I took a picture of them as they stood up front to be welcomed to Primary. It didn't turn out as cute as they all were though.

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