Monday, January 4, 2010

Piano Recital and Violin, too

Around the middle of December, Isaac performed in his Annual Christmas Piano Recital. I really wish I could get a video of his pieces up on here, but I am giving up on blogger video. I've never gotten it to work for me.

So here are some pictures. This would be his 3rd recital (except last year he was running a high fever and couldn't go). He did a really great job and has improved so much. He played an arrangement of "Ode to Joy" and "Joy to the World" and it's so great to hear him playing songs that we recognize!! :)
He even played while we sang along on Christmas Eve.

This is a group shot of the students (Isaac is on the right in the black vest).

Here he is introducing his pieces:

Abigail also learned some Christmas songs on her violin and played in a small party just for the students at her teacher's house. So I didn't get to hear her (and I don't have pictures). She played "Silent Night" and "O Christmas Tree." She is finally taking lessons now from someone other than me and I think that is working out much better for both of us!! I hope she will continue to make good progress now that she is having consistent lessons and practicing.
Anyway - we are very proud of both of them for all of their hard work and for their musical accomplishments so far! We love it.
One thing we haven't figured out is how to continue to afford all these activities for the kids. I always kind of had this thought in my mind that I would like the kids to be able to participate in one physical activity (dance, sports, or something) and one musical instrument. But - it sure does start to add up. Exponentially, it seems. We'd really like to get Samuel started in some things in the next year or so - but our budget is already stretched pretty tight. grrrrr . . .
Anyway - I'd love to hear your philosophies on what to involve your kids in, and how to manage it all (financially and logistically). And do you try to provide more or less equal experiences and opportunities for all your kids? And how do you narrow down all the infinite choices of activities?
I've always felt it's important for kids to develop their talents and try lots of different things and find hobbies that they truly love. I just don't know how to do it all.


girlysmack said...

I don't know how people do it, either. We only have 2 kids and Jack has been too young for activities before this summer, but already I have no idea how we will pay for all of the things I want them to try! I wish grandparents would give lessons as Christmas/birthday gifts. Talk about a gift that would keep on giving!

Jennifer said...

It is so hard. I really don't know what to do about such things. I also wanted my kids to be doing something physical and something musical, but it is pricey. Then with other activities like scouts and activity days it also gets very busy. Right now it's doable for us, but if we had to buy a new car or move to a new area we would definitely be dropping things. Good luck with figuring it out.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i'm a failure in that regard. bren doesn't do anything extra-curricular at all. but, he does play piano at home, so that's something!


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