Thursday, April 22, 2010

because it feels safer to quote someone else's thoughts than to try to tell you my own

by Natalie Neiman
Slowly, it catches you off guard and knocks you
off your feet and you
are sucked up by a huge funnel and security
and safety are
whipped out from under you and the
wind beats
against your weary body and you want sure
footing but instead you spin through
the air with your arms and legs flailing
about wildly and fear has eaten a hole
through your heart and it is ripped and
trickling and you want to scream but
the sound is crammed in your
stomach and you can't figure out why
or how this is happening all you know is
that you want to go home and crawl
into bed and never get out
and the world is spinning
and everything you touch
melts away and everything
is moving so fast and
your brain can't keep
up and you spin
and spin until you
end up at the
And you wish you could live again.


heather b. said...

It's nice when someone else has already put words to your feelings, and you can share them instead of struggling to come up with your own. I like the poem :)

Alyssa said...

I get it all too'd you know??? then you go to bed and wake up and the day starts all over again...and it really is reality.

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