Thursday, April 8, 2010

outdoor adventuring

Yesterday after playing with the bunny, I let the kids go across the street to explore. I loved watching them help each other and lead each other. And they felt so adventurous, it made me smile.

(here is the view of them without the help of the zoom button)

My camera is sometimes handy as binoculars. :)

(And PS - look closely at our landscape here, and then go check out the landscape found in photos here, and then tell me where you think I would rather be?! The contrast is sometimes enough to bring me to tears. It often does, actually. But - that's a topic for another day, I suppose.)


heather b. said...

The little hooded heads are too cute!

Jennifer said...

I hear you, oh, how I hear you. How can I go back to that after seeing all of this? It will be a challenge. We were in the sun for 4 hours yesterday and no one was burned. We can spend a half an hour in the sun in Utah and be lobsters. Waaaahhhh. It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay. You might notice me mumbling this to myself over the next few months.

Colleen said...

Elijah calls it "windy mountain." We hike up there once in awhile.

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