Saturday, April 24, 2010

she's the cutest Thing ever

Abigail was in her school play last week called The Magical Library of Wonders. It goes through a little adventure of all genres of books - her scene was The Cat in the Hat. And she was . . . Thing 4!

I was so impressed by how well she did on stage. She spoke loud and clear and looked really excited to be there. It's just so unlike me and Zac who would do just about anything to avoid having to be on a stage. She just soaks it up!! She came home so happy and hyper. Anyway - we're proud of the great job she did. She's such a cute Thing. :)


heather b. said...

What cute Thing costumes! I especially like the blue wigs. Wish I could have seen the play, it looks and sounds adorable.

Jennifer said...

She did do a great job. I think it was great that she was in the scene with her friends.

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