Friday, April 30, 2010

oh help

Just a quick update:

I went to Samuel's school today and observed him in his small group kindergarten class as well as in the regular ed class. His teacher has had him going in to the regular class a few times this week for writing time to see how he would do.

So. It is always just so hard.

I was proud of him for participating in his own classroom. He raised his hand and volunteered some answers, which was great. His teacher said he is definitely talking more. Voluntarily and not just in answer to direct questions and that's good. He is on "grade level" for math and reading. I put that in quotes because I feel like meeting the benchmark doesn't necessarily mean he is where "most" kindergartners actually are. But that is definitely good. He is behind in his writing. And markedly behind in his speech and social skills.

In the reg ed class, as I sat there and watched him, I had to fight back tears the longer I sat there. I hate how that still does it to me. Seeing him so uncomfortable in a group. Seeing him so anxious. Seeing how much he doesn't really act like his peers. He looked small and out of place. And I know he might have just been feeling shy about being in a class and routine that he is not as familiar with. Any child would, I know. But he sat at the table and just looked around, and fiddled with his tongue, and didn't even do any work at all without repeated prompting from the teacher. He looked so lost.

Anyway - ugggggghhhhhh. For the record, though, I found it very very helpful to go and observe him in the classrooms and then ask his teacher if that is typical behavior for him. I can compare that to what I see at home and have a much broader understanding of how he is doing. So I am glad I put up the fight!! So there!!

Next week I will go observe a kindergarten class at the charter school. Just as another comparison, should we decide to put him in first grade over there. He got a spot for next year. We just have to let them know if we want to keep the spot. ASAP. haha.

And then next Thurs will be the official placement meeting. Hopefully I will come out of the meeting feeling good about whatever decision we come to, confident that I am doing what's best for my little boy. We can hope, right?

Prayers, thoughts, wishes, good vibes, or whatever else you can do on our behalf as we go into this meeting, are certainly welcome and appreciated.


Colleen said...

The last time he was over here, I noticed a lot of improvement in his speech! I hope things go well with your placement meeting.

Mom B. said...

I'm so glad that you hung in there and fought for what you knew was needed even though I know how hard and uncomfortable that was for you. I was shocked at the school's response to letting you observe classrooms in the first place. How else would you be able to make an informed decision? You have been in my prayers and will continue to be so. I love you. You're doing a great job with your kids.

Amy said...

I'm thinking about you and praying for you. I can only imagine how difficult this process is for you and Zac.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Prayers for you!

Jennifer said...

Good luck. I'm proud of you for fighting for it. I will be thinking about you in my fasting tomorrow. I know the Lord will guide you to what is best for Samuel.

Alyssa said...

Just FYI the charter school environment was much better for our little one with differences. The structure and enrichment in the educational experieince seemed to keep her interet level up and fed her curiosity in good ways. Besides if the charter doesn't work you can always go back to regular but, it won;t work vice versa.

I'm sure you already figured that out though. Good for you for working so hard to do what is best for HIM and being his advocate. No one cares like his momma.

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