Tuesday, May 4, 2010

school observation #2 and other random thoughts

- So I went to the charter school today and observed the kindergarten class. It was fairly obvious to me that it would be a really hard adjustment for Samuel to be in this class (and these are his grade-level peers). Ugh. All that really means is that I left trying to hold back tears. Again. Tomorrow he has a hearing test and follow up with the ENT. Then the placement meeting on Thurs.

- Abigail was looking at a walmart ad or other such thing the other day, looking at makeup and stuff. She turned to me and said, "you're not really one of those moms that wears makeup or really cares about fashion or tries to look good, are you." Ummm . . . I'm not really sure, but should I be offended by that?

- I mentioned awhile back on Facebook that I was having a bout of erythema nodosum - which are painful lumps under the skin on the shins. I've had 2 episodes before in my life - both times when I was pregnant with boys. Weird, I know. Most of the time the cause is unknown. When I saw the dermatologist the first time, he didn't really think it was related to pregnancy - but whatever. And this time, I am 100% positive that I am not pregnant. They typically go away on their own, but are quite painful and bothersome while they last. And it's been somewhere around 8 wks this time around that I've had the lumps. Some have gone away, some new ones have appeared. I know you don't really care. But it crosses my mind occasionally when my legs are aching and throbbing that maybe I should see a Dr. and see what is up with this. Then again I don't want to waste a $45 copay for them to tell me "yup, it's erythema nodosum and will clear on its own - eventually." The one spot of several lumps merging together on one shin is probably 3-4 inches in diameter and looks like a nasty bruise. Yuck.

- I took pictures of the Walk for Babies walk on Sat (which was freezing cold and rainy - but still fun) but took them with my least-used camera. And I can't figure out how to upload them properly onto this computer. So that post has been on hold.

- Abigail has her Hope of America performance tonight. At BYU's basketball stadium. Just imagine 4000 5th graders and their families all swarming around . . . ohhhh boy. I'll take pictures - with my good camera. And I'll try not to complain about the inevitable chaos this evening will bring. Have I mentioned how I hate crowds?

- Elisabeth has been wetting her pants nearly everyday. This child.

- School is almost over. I am having major mixed emotions about this. I'm mostly relieved it's almost over, a little panicked by un-achieved goals I had for the year, a little excited to have a break, go on vacation, etc, and a little stressed by the expectations I have for myself of things I should do to keep my kids entertained and out of trouble all summer long.

- I think I think too much.

- I've just spent all this time blogging when I should have been folding the ~5 loads of laundry gawking at me from the family room floor. Oh well.

There's probably more I could blab (complain) about but that's enough for now, don't you think?
yeah, me too.

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