Monday, May 24, 2010

Abigail is 11!!

Abigail has had several days of celebrating her 11th birthday, lucky girl. First, she got a new bike about a week ago. It was going to be impossible to hide it and surprise her with it, so we gave it to her when we bought it. She's been riding my bike for the last year or so - and we are both happy to put an end to that arrangement. :)

Then she got to throw herself a "bunny" birthday party with her friends. They took Leia outside for a bit, raced her in the basement, jumped like bunnies on the trampoline,

and did the "Bunny Hop" dance (among many other silly and crazy things that only 5th grade girls can come up with).

And then we got to go up to my mom's house to celebrate with family.

So I think she had a pretty great birthday. (And I have eaten so much cake over the last few months, I'm just about sick of it.) hahaha.
It's been great, though. I love celebrating birthdays. Especially of these wonderful kids of mine. They are all so unique and it's an adventure watching them grow up and seeing them develop into their own persons. Love it.


Jen Morrison said...

Looks like she had a blast! Happy Birthday to Abigail!

Amber Baker said...

Alle was so sorry she missed it. Her dance recital started at the same time. I'm glad she had a great day.

Colleen said...

Glad she had a fun birthday. I can't believe you have an eleven-year-old! :)

Jennifer said...

She does look happy. I'm glad she had a wonderful day.

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