Thursday, May 27, 2010

will you miss me?

Once upon a time, Zac and I went on vacation with the kids - and didn't leave the house. I mean this quite literally. We told everyone we were going on vacation. We didn't answer the phone. We left the blinds down. We visited a different church on Sunday and found substitutes for all our various responsibilities. As far as anyone knew we were not home.

And then we stayed home and hung out for a week or so. I guess we probably went and did some things, too - I don't really remember.

But that was a pretty good vacation. Low stress. Cheap. Easy. Good times.

We are now in the home stretch of the last days of school, gearing up for summer. And for the next little while I will be "on vacation." Whether or not that really means I am actually going anywhere will remain my little secret (and if you know the truth, shhh, don't tell). ;)

But I won't be here, on my blog. I'll be lying low. Pretending to have a different life. Checking for comments, emails, and such things - but not posting anything new or responding to very much. So, sorry for those of you who will miss me. You will miss me, won't you? But don't worry, there will be plenty to post when I get back to make up for my absence! And I might pre-post some things to keep you company in the meantime. Or . . . I might not.


Tricia F said...

I'll miss you! But I hope you have fun! :)

Jen Morrison said...

Oh my gosh that is such a fun idea! I swear I am going to try it sometime. How funny! We'll miss you. Thanks for having shoe-less Carter over yesterday I appreciate it so much!

Colleen said...

Of course we'll miss you! Have fun!

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