Wednesday, May 5, 2010

in the ENT's office today

. . . Samuel twisted the lamp on the chair and almost broke it, moved the attached foot support up and down up and down up and down, threw a couple books on the floor, grabbed the Dr's paper tympanogram report off the counter and crumpled it in his hand, pressed some buttons on the tympanogram machine, grabbed a couple ear spec things, opened a drawer and almost grabbed a handful of dangerous looking tiny tools, tried to turn on the light again, etc . . .

All within about a minute.
All while I was trying to talk to the Dr. and simultaneously divert him from his next attempt at disaster.

She kinda looked at me and said hesitantly "does he . . . have . . . ADHD?" and then, as she glanced at his chart (and I began to laugh somewhat maniacally, "hahaha, ohhh, ya think?") - "oh yep, here it is in his chart." Yeah.
At least I know I'm not the only one seeing it.

Anyway, this visit revealed no new news. He still has a slight conductive hearing loss in both ears. Not enough to worry too much about, I guess. He still has the eustachian tube dysfunction that he's had for about a year. Sometimes it causes his ears to hurt. But the only possible solution would be putting tubes in for the 4th time - but since it might not help at all - and he's doing ok overall (not in extreme pain, or causing significant hearing problems) she decided that doing tubes again wasn't the best thing to do, weighing the risks and inconveniences and cost against the potential benefit. So there really is nothing to do about it. Come back in a year.

She very kindly suggested that perhaps I wouldn't want him back in this office more than once a year, if we could help it. Agreed.

And that's it.

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