Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy tuesday

I don't have much to write, actually.

I'm pretty distracted.

Trying to deal with some things.

It rained today and it was wonderful. I really love rain.

And I took Duran Duran off my ipod to make room for some Crosby Stills Nash and Young. (hahaha.)

And finally, today Samuel threw an open bottle of syrup across the carpeted family room. Imagine that.
And a couple weeks ago he cut Elisabeth's hair. Snipped off a good chunk of her bangs that we were growing out. And that nice little piece sticking up on the back of her head. Lovely.
Just wanted to mention that.
8 more days left of school and counting . . .
so - more later:)

1 comment:

Mom B. said...

Love the pictures. I didn't even notice the hair (or lack of). All I saw was the beautiful big blue eyes!

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