Monday, May 24, 2010

um, yeah

Yes, I know blogging about the weather may not be that interesting to most of you. But seriously?!?

Snow on Easter? That was obnoxious.

Snow at the end of April? Kinda crazy.

Snow on May 24th??? You have got. to be. kidding me.

I couldn't get up my driveway after driving the kids to school because of the slippery slush. I really hate that.
And we haven't had a full week of nice weather where the kids are happy to be riding bikes to school everyday. And . . . since this is the last week, we won't.
Anyway - ok, I'm done complaining about the weather. For now. :)


Jennifer said...

I hear you!! I said that my kids were going to be biking from after spring break on. You are right, that has not happened once. I'm so frustrated with it.

Colleen said...

Yeah, I really intended to plant my vegetables over the weekend and was really glad this morning that I hadn't gotten around to it!

bonitinha said...

WAAAAAAH! That is terrible! Snow in May is just mean.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

We had such trouble with snow on the driveway as well. SO ready for some sunshine!

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